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Mount Ararat Classic Program

In this adventure Ararat trekking tour you will reach the highest peak of Turkey in 4 days. From the top you will have mesmerizing view of Turkey, Iran and Armenia.


Mount Ararat attracts the attention of the mountaineers, explorers and nature lovers from many countries. Every year hundreds of climbers choose our classic Ararat trek, with 1 extra day for acclimatization, to increase their chance to reach the top of Mount Ararat.

Mount Ararat Quick Facts

*Turkish highest peak (5137 m)
*Dormant volcano
*Place where, according to Bible, Noah’s Ark landed

Our expert Guides

All our guides were born on the slopes of Mount Ararat, climbed Ararat this mountain many times and were carefully selected due to their experience and responsibility.

Additional information

Climbing Mount Ararat require permission from Turkish local government in Dogubayazit. For more information about climbing permit, please click on the link.


*Choose summer months for your trekking. The best weather condition is in July and August.
*For better acclimatization we recommend you to climb one other mountain, before your Ararat ascent. We can organize for you trekking on Mount Nemrut, Mount Suphan, Mount Tekelti or Little/Small Ararat as your acclimatization tour.


Day One Transfer to Dogubayazit

Our guide will pick you up from the airport (You can choose an airport in one of 3 cities in Eastern Turkey: Agri, Igdir or Van). From the airport we will take you to Dogubayazit – the town which is a base where all Mount Ararat trekking tours start from.
In Dogubayazit you will check-in at a hotel and have time to rest after the journey. At the evening you will have dinner in one of the local restaurants with your guide and other group members.

Day Two from Dogubayazit to Mount Ararat

We will start day with breakfast. After meal we will pack all the equipment to minibus, which will take us to the foot of Ararat mountain. After about 40 minutes we will reach Cevirme village and then starting point of our Ararat trekking tour.
Porters will pack our equipment on horses, which will carry it to the Camp 1 located at an altitude 3300 m. We will take small backpacks with the most necessary stuff, water and lunch packets prepared by our cook, and we will start ascent to the campsite. After 3-4 hours we will reach the campsite, where we will pitch our tents and will have a lunch. Then we will have free time. We can walk around to familiarize with the area, take few photos or learn Kurdish dances.
At the evening we will have dinner.

  • Elevation : 2200 meters to 3300 meters
  • Distance : 7,3 km
  • Habitat : Steppe
  • Average heat : +25 - +30 (Summer season)

  • Day Three Acclimatization hike

    In the morning we will have breakfast in our kitchen tent. After meal cook will give us lunch packets and we will start acclimatization walk to Camp 2 located at 4200 m. Ascent will take 4-5 hours. After reaching higher camp and short rest we will back to Camp 1 for lunch.
    Free afternoon on the campsite. At the evening we will have dinner.
    There is also possibility to use different route for acclimatization ascent, much greener, with mountain streams, and what is the most important- not crowded. This alternative route will lead you till altitude 4000 m. Your guide will let you choose preferred route, after explaining you advantages and disadvantages of both paths.
    We are only one company which offer Mount Ararat acclimatization walk by two different routes.

  • Elevation : 3300 meters to 4200 meters
  • Distance : 6,5 km x 2 times
  • Habitat : Steppe
  • Average heat : +20 - +25 (Summer season)

  • Day Four Ascent to Ararat Camp 2

    In the morning we will pack our equipment and tents, eat breakfast and start ascent to Ararat Camp 2. Horses will take our luggage to higher camp. After 4-5 hours we will reach the campsite, where lunch and hot drinks will wait for us. Then we will pitch our tents and take a rest. We can use free time for preparing our equipment for the following day- ascent to the summit of Ararat.
    At the evening we will have dinner (earlier than previous days, because we should go to sleep as early as possible).

  • Elevation : 3300 meters to 4200 meters
  • Distance : 6,5 km
  • Habitat : Steppe
  • Average heat : +20 - +25 (Summer season)

  • Day Five Climbing to Ararat summit

    Our guide will wake us up long before the sunrise (usually about 1-2 a.m.). It is not typical time for breakfast, but we should try to eat something (hot soup, bread, cheese, honey) and drink hot tea or coffee. Our cook will give us lunch packets and fill thermoses with hot tea. We will check last time our equipment and still in darkness we will start ascent to the summit of Mount Ararat.
    We will walk about 5-6 hours, taking from time to time short breaks. On the summit we will have time to take photos and celebrating success. If the weather is good we will have opportunity to see Armenia and Iran from the Ararat top. Later we will start descent to Camp 2. On the campsite lunch and hot drinks will wait for us. After 1 hour rest we will pack our equipment and continue descent to Camp 1 and then to the point near village Cevirme, where driver will wait for us.
    We drive back to Dogubayazit, to the hotel. Overnight stay in Dogubayazit.

  • Elevation : 4200 meters to 5137 meters and descent to 2200 meters
  • Distance : 20 - 21 km total ascent and descent
  • Habitat : Alpine Tundra, Steppe
  • Heat : +30 / +25 / -20(Summer season) This day you will have very cold weather during our climb to summit, after summit weather always getting hotter. So, diffirence of heat can be 60° .

  • Day Six Transfer to the airport

    Transfer from Dogubayazit to the airport
    After breakfast at the hotel we will transfer you to the airport for your returning flight.
    It is end of our Ararat trekking tour.

    Please, Contact us for your questions or booking your trip with us. We will be glad to hear from you.

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