• Climb on Noah's Lands


Classic Ararat trekking program combined with visiting historical treasures of Mount Ararat area and a bath in Diyadin Hot Springs.


Program of this tour gives you opportunity not only enjoy trekking on Mount Ararat, but also to familiarize with cultural and natural heritage of Dogubayazit area.
After intense trekking you will visit Ishak Pasha Palace, Urartian’s fortress, Museum of Noah’s Ark and meteor crater located near to Iranian border. Optionally you can also take a bath in hot springs in Diyadin.

Mount Ararat Quick Facts

*Turkey's highest peak (5137 meters)
*Place of where Noah's Ark landed
*Rise up at the border of Turkey, Iran and Armenia

Our expert Guides

All our guides were born on the slopes of Mount Ararat and each guide climbed Ararat minimum 50 times.

Additional infos

Climbing Mount Ararat require permition from Turkish local government in Dogubayazit.
For more information about climbing permit, please click on the link.


*Choose summer months for your trekking. The best weather condition is in July and August.
*For better acclimatization we recommend you to climb one other mountain, before your Ararat ascent. We can organize for you trekking on Mount Nemrut, Mount Suphan, Mount Tekelti or Little/Small Ararat as your acclimatization tour.


Day One Dogubayazit

Our guide will meet you at the airport. You will pack all luggages to minibus and drive to Dogubayazit. On the way to Dogubayazit we can stop near interesting places to take photos.
Check-in at a hotel. If group arrive early, we can visit that day Ishak Pasha Palace, located 7 km from the town.
Dinner and overnight in hotel

  • Airports : Igdir Airport (70 km), Agri Ahmedi Hani Airport (110 km), Van Ferit Melen Airport (200 km)
  • Day Two from Dogubayazit to Mount Ararat

    After breakfast we will drive to Cevirme village on Ararat (elevation 2200 meters). There we will give you lunch packets and drinks for the trek and start to walk to the Camp 1 located at an altitude 3300 m. All the equipment will be carried on horses. Trekking to Ararat Camp 1 takes around 4-5 hours. After reaching the campsite we will have dinner.
    Overnight in tents.

  • Elevation : 2200 meters to 3300 meters
  • Distance : 7,3 km
  • Habitat : Steppe
  • Average heat : +25 - +30 (Summer season)
  • Day Three Acclimatization hike

    We will eat breakfast , take our lunch packets and small backpacks and then will start trekking to Camp 2 located at 4200 meters. Afterwards we will descent to lower camp for dinner.
    Next overnight in tents at Camp 1.

  • Elevation : 3300 meters to 4200 meters
  • Distance : 6,5 km x 2 times
  • Habitat : Steppe
  • Average heat : +20 - +25 (Summer season)
  • Day Four Ararat high camp

    We will eat breakfast and pack our luggage, which horses will carry to higher campsite. Then we will start trek to Ararat Camp 2 (4200 meters), which we should reach after 4-5 hours. There we will pitch tents and eat lunch prepared by our cook.
    We have free afternoon. We can rest, take some pictures and enjoy fantastic view.
    At the evening we will have dinner.
    Overnight in tents.

  • Elevation : 3300 meters to 4200 meters
  • Distance : 6,5 km
  • Habitat : Steppe
  • Average heat : +20 - +25 (Summer season)
  • Day Five Ararat summit

    We wake up very early (usually 1-2 a.m.), eat breakfast and drink something hot. Then we prepare our equipment for summit trek (last time we check our headlamps, crampons, walking poles, ect.). We start to walk to the summit of Mount Ararat with very slow tempo. Usually when we are at an elevation 4900 m Sun rise, what give us opportunity to take fantastic photos of sunrise on Ararat. After 5-7 hours of trek we will reach the top of legendary Mount Ararat. We will have time for filming the summit and group picture. Then we will descent to our high camp, have hot meals and 1-2 hours rest. Afterwards we will prepare our luggage for horse transfer and descent to Cevirme village. We drive back to Dogubayazit.
    Overnight at the hotel.

  • Elevation : 4200 meters to 5137 meters and descent to 2200 meters
  • Distance : 20-21 km total ascent and descent
  • Habitat : Alpine Tundra
  • Heat : +30 / +25 / -20(Summer season) This day you will have very cold weather during our climb to summit, after summit weather always getting hotter. So, diffirence of heat can be 60° .
  • Day Six Cultural tour in city

    After breakfast in the hotel we will drive to see historical sites near Dogubayazit. First we will visit an stunning palace of Ishak Pasha from 17th century, which was built by Ottoman Empire to control silk road and area. Then we will walk to Urartian castle (8th century BC) to have amazing view of Dogubayazit and Ishak Pasha Palace. After that we will have some break for tea and coffee near tomb of Ahmedi Hani (Kurdish writer and holly man). From the castle we will drive to Uzengili village to see Noah's Ark National Park and museum. Afterwards we will drive to second biggest Meteor hole in the world, located just next to the border with Iran.
    At the evening we can drive to small town – Diyadin ( about 40 km from Dogubayazit) and take a bath in volcanic hot springs.
    Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

    Day Seven Transfer to Airport

    After breakfast in hotel, we transfer you to the airport. If you have additional tour with us we continue our tour.

    Please, Contact us for your questions or booking your trip with us. We will be glad to hear from you.

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