When to Climb / Ski ?

Best trekking and ski seasons

 ‘Which time should I choose for my Damavand trekking tour?’ ‘When is the best ski season and guarantee of good snow conditions for Ararat skiing?’ 

These and similar questions are asked by many trekking and ski enthusiasts.

It is possible to climb most of mountains all year long, however it is the best to choose time when there is the highest possibility of successful ascent.

Below we give you information about best trekking and ski seasons.

Trekking season

All mountains above 5000 m, which are in our trekking offer, are the most accessible during summer months.

Top season for Mount Ararat trekking tours, and also for trekking on Kazbek and Damavand, is from mid-June to mid-September, however we recommend you to choose July and August. Weather is the most settled during that period, what makes your experience in mountains easier.

Trekking during winter we recommend only for very experienced mountaineers. From mid-October to beginning of March climbing to the summits of these three mountains can be really difficult, due to extreme winds, strong snowfalls, foggy condition and very low temperatures. 

Season for trekking in Kackar Mountains is short. The best time to join to one of Kackar hiking tours is between mid-July and the end of August. Some routes, depending on weather conditions, are accessible from mid-June till mid-September.

The best time for trekking tours in Cappadocia and Lycian Way is in spring (from second half of April to beginning of June) and autumns (from September to end of October). In those periods the temperatures are pleasant (the days are warm, the nights are cool) and there is not a lot of rain. During summer (late June-August) weather is very hot, and heat can make your trekking tours more tiring.

Ski season

Ski tours on Ararat and Damavand are organized mostly in March and April. The best time for Mount Kazbek ski tours and skiing in Gudauri area is from February till May.

The best time for ski tours in Kackar Mountains (especially heliskiing tours) is from January to April.

But of course ski season is dependent to the amount of snowfall and each year can be different, so we recommend you to contact us and ask about snow condition, before you decide to book your ski tour.


full moon hikes

Summiting mountains on a cloudless night is undoubtedly unforgettable experience. Even more stunning is to start your ascent to the mountain summit in the moonlight of a full moon (under full moon lighting).

Our Ararat, Damavand and Kazbek treks take place during the days, but on the day when we ascent to the summits of these mountains, we start long before sunrise. If we climb to the summit during full moon, it can make our ascent easier, since we might not need to switch on our headlamps. According to some opinions, weather during a full moon period is also more settled and calm, what makes your mountain adventure easier.

We chose dates of some of our trekking tours in the way, for you summiting under the light of full moon.

For our ‘Scheduled departures dates 2020’ click here.

Full moon schedule for 2020 - 2023

January 10 28 18 7
February 9 27 16 5
March 9 28 18 7
April 8 27 16 6
May 7 26 16 5
June 5 24 14 4
July 5 24 13 3
August 3 22 12 1, 31
September 2 21 10 29
October 2, 31 20 9 28
November 30 19 8 27
December 30 19 8 27
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