The food is one of the most important things on the trek. We know about it well and that is why we pay attention at what you will eat during our tours.

Our cooks prepare meals with fresh local ingredients bought in the local markets and transported to the mountains by the horses or mules.

Our cooks also are chosen very carefully. All of them are experienced professionals (they work in local restaurants and also for many years cook meals on mountains).

Every day during your trekking tour we serve breakfast, lunch (or lunch packet) and dinner.

We choose food that is easily digestible: rise, pasta, bulgur (kind of groats) and potatoes.

Every day we serve also fresh fruits and vegetables.

Meat, because of it that is not easily digestible at high altitude, we serve in small quantities. Last day before summit we usually serve vegetarian dinner.

What do we usually serve?

Breakfast:Tea; coffee; fruit juice; bread; butter; jam; honey; cheese; eggs; sausage; olives; fresh vegetables; porridge (on Mount Kazbek ).

Lunch:Tea; coffee; fruit juice; biscuits; dry fruits; nuts; fresh fruits (apple, pear, pitch, watermelon, grapes).

Dinner:  Soup; bread; pasta; rise; bulgur; potatoes; roasted chicken or beef; fresh vegetables;

Every day, before we start trekking, we will give you small lunch packet (water, juice, chocolate bars, cookies or sandwich), which you carry in you small back pack and can eat during break.


Vegetarians & vegans on our trekking and ski tours


Travelling as a vegetarian or vegan can be sometimes difficult, especially in destinations where a meat-free diet is something unusual, but if you choose our company, you will not need to modify your dietary restrictions during hiking or ski tours.

We provide vegetarian and vegan option of meals. For example for breakfast we can serve for you muesli or granola with soya/coconut milk; peanut butter; dried fruits (apricots, dates, figs); nuts; tofu. For dinner: whole wheat pasta; rise; vegetarian lecho; grilled vegetables; bulgur with mushrooms or lentil curry.

We will also care to give you equal amount of calories for you have enough energy to climb to the summit of Ararat or Damavand mountains.

We can also cater to different dietary requirements, like gluten free diet or diabetic diet.

Just please inform us minimum 2 weeks before tour about your special requirements and send us list of food which you can eat and which you should avoid.

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