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Ararat ski tour- Short program

Ararat ski tour - fantastic experience on the slopes of legendary dormant volcano. Real Ararat adventure!


Mount Ararat is not only great place for trekking tours during summer, but also give possibility for all ski enthusiasts to enjoy adventure skiing on its slopes.
We recommend our short Ararat ski tour for skiers who are already well acclimatized (before coming to Ararat they were on mountains above 4000 m), because during this tour there is no extra day for acclimatization.

Mount Ararat Quick Facts

*Turkish highest peak (5137 m)
*Dormant volcano
*Rise up at the border of Turkey, Iran and Armenia

Our expert Ski Guides

All our ski guides who will lead you during ski tours on Mount Ararat are experienced skiers who climbed Ararat many times.

Additional information

*Skiing Mount Ararat require permission from Turkish local government in Dogubayazit.
For more information about climbing permit, please click on the link.


*The best condition for ski tours on Mount Ararat is in March and April.
*For better acclimatization, before ski tour on Ararat, we recommend you to join to our ski tour on Mount Nemrut and Suphan


Day One Transfer from the airport to Dogubayazit

We pick you up from the airport in Igdir or Agri. Then we drive to Dogubayazit. After check-in at a hotel is rest time. If you want there is possibility to visit Ishak Pasha Palace (Ottomans’ palace built in 17th century, located about 7 km from Dogubayazit).
Dinner and overnight stay at the hotel.

Day Two From Dogubayazit to Winter Ararat Camp 1

We eat breakfast, pack our luggage and skis on minibus and drive to the foot of Mount Ararat. After reaching start point of our ski tour, we take small backpacks with lunch packets and start ascent to Winter Camp 1, located at an altitude 2800 m (depends on snow condition, if snow starts before the campsite, we take with us also our skis). Rest of equipment is carried on horses.
After reaching campsite and pitching up tents, we have lunch. Then we can rest or ski up for training and taking some photos.
At the evening we will have dinner.
Overnight stay in tents.

Day Three Ascent to Ararat Winter Camp 2

We pack our equipment and move to Winter Camp 2, located at an altitude 3600-3800 m.
If there is a lot of snow on Ararat and horses cannot walk up to Camp 2, will be necessary to help our porters to carry part of equipment to the campsite.
After reaching Winter Camp 2 we pitch tents, eat lunch and have free time.
About 6 p.m. we will have dinner. After meal we should go to sleep, because next day very early wake up is waiting for us.

Day Four Skiing to Mount Ararat summit

We wake up about 1-2 a.m., pack our equipment in tents (porters will take it down) and breakfast. Then we take our skis and small backpacks with lunch packets and hot tea, and start ski up to the summit of Mount Ararat.
We should reach Ararat top after 8-9 hours. We have short rest for taking photos and celebrating our success. Then we ski down to the point where snow is finished. We take off skis and continue descent to the point where our drivers are waiting. We back to Dogubayazit.
Overnight stay at the hotel in Dogubayazit.
There is also option to stay for overnight at the Camp 1 and back to Dogubayazit next day, after breakfast, if group will be too tired to back directly to the town.

Day Five Dogubayazit – airport

Breakfast at the hotel. After meal we will take you to the airport for your flight back.

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