Mount Damavand trek with Tehran tour

Fabulous Damavand trekking tour. Conquer the highest peak of Iran and one of the most accessible 5000-meters mountains in the world.


Mount Damavand is probably the easiest mountain over 5000 m to climb. It is still not so popular destination as Mount Ararat, Elbrus or Kazbek, but every year its popularity is growing up.
In our adventure Damavand tour you will reach the highest peak of Iran from the classic South route and also gather unique cultural experience exploring Tehran – one of the most colourful cities in Iran.

Mount Damavand Quick Facts

  • The highest peak of Iran ( 5671 m)
  • The highest volcano of Asia
  • Has sixteen routs
  • First recorded ascent was made by Kazraji in 905 AD
  • Our expert Guides

    All guides who will lead you during trekking tours on Damavand are licensed local guides and were carefully selected according to their experience and competence.

    Additional Information

    Damavand is actually non-active volcano, but still going trough the last stage before complete silence – still spews plume of sulfur gas.


  • Choose summer months for your trekking. The best weather condition is from mid June till mid September.
  • For better acclimatization we recommend you to climb one other mountain before your Damavand ascent. We can organize for you trekking on Mount Tochal (3900 m) or Alam Kooh (4851 m) as your acclimatization tour.

  • Program

    Day One Tehran city tour

    Our guide will pick you up from the international airport in Tehran (IKA airport) and will take you to your hotel. After check-in at the hotel we will have city tour in Tehran. First of all we will visit beautiful Golestan palace. After that we will go to famous Grand Bazaar (the best place to buy spices and small gifts for family and friends)and Cavahat Museum. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

    Day Two Polour - Camp 1

    After breakfast in hotel we will start our trekking tour. We will drive to Polour village (it takes 2,5 – 3 hours) where we will obtain our climbing permits and change car to 4x4s. From the village we will drive to campsite located at 3050 meters (Gosfand Sara Camp). Overnight at mountain shelter or tents.

    Day Three Damavand high camp

    After an early breakfast we prepare our luggage for horses/mules which will carry them to 4200 meters. Afterwards we will start trekking to second camp site at 4200 m. Overnight in shelter or tents.(Trekking from Camp 1 to Camp 2 takes usually 4-5 hours).

    Day Four Damavand acclimatization

    Acclimatization day on Mount Damavand. After breakfast we will start trekking to 5000 m. and descent to our camp site at 4200 m. After returning the camp we will have time to rest and prepare ourselves to reach the peak of Damavand the following day.

    Day Five Damavand summit

    Very early in the morning, long before dawn (usually 3-4 a.m.) we will start trekking to summit of Mount Damavand. Trekking from second camp to summit usually takes 5-7 hours. After reaching summit and short break for taking pictures, we will get ready to return. We will start descent to Camp 2 (4200 m) and mountain hut, where we will spend the night.

    Day Six Back to Tehran

    After an early breakfast we pack our luggage and start to walk down to Polour village. On the way we can stop and take a bath in the Larijan Hot Springs, to help our bodies forget about tiredness of the trekking tour on Damavand. From Polour Village we will drive to Tehran. Overnight at the hotel.

    Day Seven IKA Airport

    Transfer from the hotel to IKA airport for your flight back.

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