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Tekelti and Ararat trek with Fish Lake tour

Mysterious Mount Tekelti, famous Mount Ararat and picturesque Fish Lake –all in one fantastic trekking tour.
During this tour, before climbing Ararat, you will have opportunity to acclimatize to high altitude on Tekelti (Perili) and after summiting Ararat take a rest on the shores of the mountain lake.


A lot of tourists come to climb Mount Ararat, but Mount Tekelti is completely unknown abroad. We want to change it! This fantastic mountain is called Turkish K2 because of its shape similar to famous K2, second highest mountain in the world, located in the Himalayas.
The Fish Lake is one of Turkey’s highest lakes situated at an elevation 2241 m, North-West of Dogubayazit. The lake is well known because of red-spotted trout which lives in cold and fresh water of the lake. It is also great place for bird watching (especially in April and October, during the bird migration).

Mount Ararat Quick Facts

*Turkey's highest peak (5137 meters)
*Place of where Noah's Ark landed
*Rise up at the border of Turkey, Iran and Armenia

Mount Tekelti Quick Facts

* Called Turkish K2 because of its shape
* Has 3 trekking routes with different level of difficulty
* North wall is popular for rock climbing

Additional information

*Choose summer months for your trekking. The best weather condition is in July and August.
*Climbing Mount Ararat require permission from Turkish local government in Dogubayazit.
For more information about climbing permit, please click on the link.

Our expert guides

*All guides who will lead you during trekking this trekking tour are licensed local guides and were carefully selected according to their experience and competence.


Day One Airport – Tekelti summit – Dogubayazit

Our guide will meet you at the airport in Igdir. Then we will drive to foot of Mount Tekelti (about 1 hour). We will take our small backpacks, lunch packets and water for drinking and we will start ascent to the summit of Mount Tekelti (2552 m). During trekking we will have opportunity to see impressive salt caves. Trek to the summit and later descent takes all together 8-10 hours. Then we drive to Dogubayazit.
After check-in at a hotel we will have dinner in local restaurant.

Day Two Cultural tour in Dogubayazit area

After breakfast in hotel, we will drive to see historical sides of Dogubayazit.
First we will visit an amazing palace of Ishak Pasa built in 17th by Ottoman Empire to contol Silk Road and area. Then we will walk to Urartian castle and tomb of Ahmedi Hani tomb (Kurdish writer, philosopher and holy man). Afterwards we will have short break for drinking tea or coffee in local cafe. After break we will continue our tour. We will drive to Uzengili village to see Noah's Ark National Park and museum and later to Meteor Crater situated just next to border with Iran.
Dinner and overnight stay at the hotel.

Day Three From Dogubayazit to Ararat Camp 1

We have a breakfast at the hotel. Later we will pack all equipment on minibuses and drive to the foot of the Mount Ararat. We will stop near to Cevirme village, where is starting point of our trekking tour. Porters will put all the equipment on horses. We will take only our small backpacks, water and lunch packets and start ascent to Camp 1 located at an altitude 3300 m. It takes aprox. 3,5 – 5 hours. On the campsite we will pitch our tents, drink hot tea or coffee and eat something (fresh fruits, snacks, biscuits, ect.). Rest time.
At the evening we will have dinner.
Overnight stay in tents (1 tent for 2 people).

Day Four Acclimatization day

This additional day will help your body to get used to high altitude.
We will eat breakfast at the campsite, take lunch packets and water for drinking and ascent to Camp 2 located at an altitude 4200 m. After reaching Camp 2 we will have short break. Then we will walk down to the Camp 1, where lunch will wait for us.
Later we have time for rest.
At the evening, about 7 p.m., our cook will serve dinner.
Next overnight stay at the Camp 1.

Day Five Ascent to Mount Ararat Camp 2

After breakfast we pack our luggage which horses will carry to Camp 2, we take our small backpacks with water and lunch packets and start to climb up. Camp 2, located at an altitude 4200 m, we should reach after 4-5 hours. There small refreshment will wait for us. Then we will pitch our tents and have free time for taking photos and preparing equipment for climbing to the summit of Mount Ararat on the following day (we can choose warm clothes, check crampons and batteries in our headlamps).
About 6 p.m. will be served dinner.
Overnight stay in tents at the Camp 2.

Day Six Summit day

Depends on the weather condition your guide will wake you up at 1-2 a.m. We will eat breakfast (hot soup, cheese, honey,…), take thermoses with hot tea and lunch packets, and start ascent to the top of Mount Ararat. After 5-6 hours we will reach the summit, where we will take photos and after short break we will start to walk down to Camp 2.
On the campsite hot drinks and small lunch will wait for us. Ten we will have 1-2 hours for resting. Afterwards we will pack our luggage and descent to Camp 1 and later to the point where drivers will wait for us.
We back to Dogubayazit, to our hotel.

Day Seven Fish Lake tour

Breakfast at the hotel. Later we drive to the Fish Lake, located about 40 km from Dogubayazit. We will hike on hills around this beautiful mountain lake. Later we will buy fish from local fisherman and make a grill. We can also swim or rent a boat from fishermen and take a short cruise.
Late afternoon we will back to Dogubayazit.
Dinner and overnight stay at the hotel.

Day Eight Dogubayazit - airport

After breakfast we will transfer you to the airport for your flight back.
End of tour.

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