Choosing the best tour operator before starting holidays is an essential thing, because travellers’ experience depends largely on travel agency which they selected.
There are many tour operators in Turkey and abroad those offer and organize tours to Turkey, Iran, Georgia and Armenia, so we understand that is not easy to select one.
So, why you should choose us?

Because we are simply the best!

We want to assure you that there are many reasons to choose Ararat Adventures Company among hundreds of other tour operators, which also organize similar tours to same destinations as we do.

Here are some of them:

More than 12 years of experience

Every year we take many groups and individual climbers to the mountain summits in 4 countries (Turkey, Iran, Georgia and Armenia).
Till now thousands of people successfully reached peaks of many mountains with us.

Experienced mountain guides and cultural tour guides

All our mountain guides were carefully selected according to their experience, responsibility and professionalism. They have received training in first aid and mountain rescue. Each one climbed leading groups more than 50 times and is well prepared to handle any situation which can come across on mountains.
Our cultural tour guides are professionals with a genuine passion for introducing you to local history, culture, customs, nature and food.

Small groups 

Small size of group let our guides give proper and individualized attention for each climber and also creates more intimate relation during trekking. You will feel more like travelling with group of friends than being on an organized tour.
Our mountain staff (cooks and porters) also can provide better service by catering to the individual needs of each participant.

Private tours and scheduled groups 

For those who travel alone and those who like to meet new friends on mountains we have scheduled group tours, to which they can join.
We can also organize private tours for any size of group, to any mountain on any date. We can help you to make an individual itinerary just for you, giving you freedom to choose where you want to go and when you want to do it.

Focus on safety

Our priority is safety of our clients during the tours therefore all our guides have received training in first aid and mountain rescue. They also have knowledge about the prevention and treatment of altitude sickness.
What is more, during treks our guides will practise with all climber skills necessary for safe ascent, like how to walk on the rope, belay, use ice-axe and crampons.

High quality camping equipment

We use high quality gear to keep our clients as safe and comfortable as possible. Our HUSKY and Robens tents are waterproof and warm. We provide also sleeping mattresses and semi-rigid crampons for all our clients.

Tasty and healthy meals 

The food is one of the most important things on the trek. We know about it well and we chose our cooks very carefully. All of them are experienced professionals (they work in local restaurants and also for many years prepare meals for our groups on campsites). Our cooks prepare meals with fresh local ingredients bought in the local market. They are also able cater to special diets like vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free.

Best mountain routes

On mountains there are many routes going to summits, but we always try to choose these which offer the best balance of high success rates and beautiful scenery. This guarantee our clients have best chance of successful reaching the mountain summits.

Reasonable prices 

Our policy is to give you the best service for as reasonable price as possible, because we believe that everyone has the right to get the best experience in mountains, even with limited budget.
Booking tours direct with us means no extra fees for agents and middlemen.

Discount off any trip after the first one 

Once you’ve hiked with us, you can get 10% discount off your next trip.
What is more: this discount is valid not only for you, but also for anyone travelling with you.


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